Being part of Houlden gives you access to unrivalled industry connections, the most competitive terms on goods and services and a transparent and collaborative relationship with fellow Members, Suppliers and the Houlden team. Every deal we negotiate is with our Members in mind. You are at the heart of every decision we make and we are dedicated to helping you become stronger and more successful, without sacrificing your independence.

Connecting together makes us stronger...become part of the exclusive group of Jewellers of Excellence.


Member Privileges

Member Benefits

Membership Criteria

Houlden Jewellers are looking for luxury independent jewellers with a retail turnover (before VAT) of a minimum £1million, with a focus on the middle to upper end of the market place.
We consider many areas of your business before acceptance into the group. We consider both companies and partnerships but all must have excellent credit references.
We have no specific geographical exclusivity for our current members, however if you are in close proximity to one of our members, we will consult them before action is taken.
To confirm the brands carried and the image of quality conveyed by product ranges and displays, outlets and websites will be visited.
Once all facts gathered, directors will take the decision for the overall benefit of the group.


Why become a Supplier?

Representing over 70 quality, independent outlets throughout the UK and Ireland, with combined annual retail sales estimated of over £250 million, The Houlden Group presents a formidable organisation for key suppliers looking to grow their business.

Before a supplier can be accepted as a Group preferential Supplier, they must be willing to extend privileged buying terms in recognition of the benefits of the partnership with Houlden.

Supplier Benefits

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