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Membership of Houlden brings real value to your business in an exclusive community of experience, trust and shared values.
Connecting together makes us stronger...become part of the exclusive group of Jewellers of Excellence.

The Advantage Buying Power

As a Member of the Houlden Group you benefit from exceptional buying power and a range of personalised preferential packages which directly contribute to your bottom line, giving you an edge over competitors.

The Advantage Business Services

Houlden Group membership brings you the kind of savings that only very large organisations are able to achieve - savings across every aspect of your business, from importation costs to hallmarking, finance costs to insurance premiums, utilities to store refits and staff training and HR.

The Advantage Marketing

Every Houlden Member has access to focused and experienced marketing support: from acting as a sounding board for current communication plans to tapping into the knowledge of marketing resources within the group.  Our offering is personalised and supports independence.

The Advantage Training

Every Houlden Group Member has the opportunity to access exclusive staff training courses either in-house or on our new online Jewellers of Excellence Training Academy, both designed to increase knowledge and empower employees with advanced customer service skills.

The Advantage Networking

The Houlden Group gives Members unrivalled opportunities to network, make valuable contacts and get VIP treatment at leading industry events.  From exclusive buying days to access to foreign suppliers that don't usually deal with independents; forums with world class speakers to market movement and trends information.  These are "money can't buy" privileges.

Get the Advantage Excellence

If you are an independent jeweller that believes passionately in upholding standards of quality and excellence, then membership of the Houlden group could provide a successful route towards greater profitability, reduced costs and improved standards.

Member Privileges

  • A minimum of £10,000 annual savings on business services
  • Preferential supplier rates and terms
  • All supplier discounts are passed in full to our members
  • Business advice and networking opportunities
  • Centralised invoicing and payment system
  • Specialist training courses
  • Access to the British School of Watchmaking
  • Importation and hallmarking service
  • Bi-annual Members’ days with presentations from specialist speakers
  • Bi-annual Suppliers’ events attended by many top quality UK and foreign jewellery suppliers

Membership Criteria

Houlden Jewellers are looking for luxury independent jewellers with a retail turnover (before VAT) of a minimum £1million, with a focus on the middle to upper end of the market place.

We consider many areas of your business before acceptance into the group.  We consider both companies and partnerships but all must have excellent credit references.

We have no specific geographical exclusivity for our current members, however if you are in close proximity to one of our members, we will consult them before action is taken.

To confirm the brands carried and the image of quality conveyed by product ranges and displays, outlets and websites will be visited.

Once all facts gathered, directors will take the decision for the overall benefit of the group.

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