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Coming together was our beginning.

Staying together keeps us connected.

Working together will be our success.


Following on from an extensive lockdown period, we are delighted to announce that all Members’ stores have currently reopened and have commenced trading both on and offline – subject to localised lockdown and in strict adherence to Government guidelines.

Houlden are also pleased to report that although we have not yet returned to full staffing, we remain able to offer our full package of core support services.

Our team operate in a safe, controlled environment with an extensive plan in place to gradually introduce a return to normality over a period of time.

Rest assured Houlden will continue to provide the high-level service you are accustomed to and have experienced incredible support from our valued Members and Supplier Partners throughout this crisis, for which we are extremely grateful.

Please continue to check our website for regular updates regarding progress and we look forward to the time when connecting in person again is both practical and appropriate.

In the meantime, please stay safe.



Houlden Jewellers is a premium consortium in the UK and Ireland that provide a 31-strong community of independent, luxury jewellers with advice and support in networking, buying, training, business services and marketing support.  Those that are part of the Houlden family are given the resources and opportunities to increase their margins and improve their bottom line.
Ethnical trading policy

Operating ethically builds consumer confidence in our product and business, supports our stakeholder relationships and helps us to achieve our long term development goals. It is our commitment to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large.

Gold sourcing

Responsible mining is important and we aim to ensure that our gold and metals come from suppliers that meet the highest human rights, social, and environmental criteria. We achieve this by using reputable and fully recognised responsible suppliers.


We believe that a business should protect, and where possible, improve the environment, promote sustainable development and prevent the wasteful use of natural resources. We expect our business partners to comply with all current local environmental laws and regulations. Additionally, we encourage our suppliers to promote responsible environmental practices.


The CEO has been designated as the director responsible for ensuring that the company adhere to our Ethical Trading policy, and reports to the Board on a regular basis.

Supply chain

Our Company has a zero-tolerance policy toward conflict diamonds. All suppliers must comply with the Kimberly Process. We will not knowingly purchase or sell any products that originate from a group or a country which supports or engages in illegal, inhumane or terrorist activities.

Meet our team

Helen Haddow

Chief Executive Officer

Keith Gill

Membership Director

John Lunn

Retail Director

Lizzie McAuley


James Rice


Joe Walsh



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"Introductions to key suppliers, and the opportunity to network with the best independent jewellery firms in the industry make Houlden membership invaluable."

"Access to the experienced Houlden staff is invaluable, and by being a Member I feel part of a bigger family. "

"Houlden provide the perfect mix of information, inspiration and buying opportunities."

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